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I'm going to atempt to draw every single character listed here:

WARNING: you shall not play with this, as acording to the original document this a the names of real demons to be summoned, I'm not responsible if you accidentally get involved into something you might probably regret.

1. ABYSS "lord of chaos"
2. ACIEL "the god burner"
3. ADATIEL "walks the earth"
4. ADNACHIEL "the hunter demon"
5. AGIEL "lord of calamity"
6. AMNIXIEL "demon of the lines"
7. ANAEL "demon of lust"
8. APADIEL of hells electorate: "musician"
9. ARATRON "demon of sorrow"
10. ARIEL of hell's electorate: "historian"
11. AVACHIEL "the inquisitor"
12. AZERVIEL "the demon of defeat"
13. BABALIEL "second demon of war"
14. BARBIEL "lord of ancients"
15. BARCHIEL of hell's electorate: "mechanic"
16. BEFAFES "first demon of war"
17. BLISDON "the quick one"
18. BORNOGO "lord of power"
19. BRORGES "archdemon of woe"
20. BUTMONO "demon of greed"
21. CAMAEL "the destroyer"
22. CASSIEL "lord of all conspirators"
23. CASSRIEL of hell's electorate: "poet"
24. CHENOR "the wish granter"
25. DAGON "the great fish"
26. DECARAB "the beautiful"
27. DIGDIN "the disordered"
28. ELIM "lord of atrittion"
29. EKSUSHA "the god eye"
30. EOLIGOS "visible and invisible"
31. FERUG "the rusting one"
32. FOCALOR "the demon that drowns men"
33. FORCAS "theach logics and the secrets of plants and gems"
34. FURTUR "demon of storms"
35. GAMIGIN "the horse lord"
36. GARN "the king tempter"
37. GRACHIEL "archdemon of the dying times"
38. HAGITH "demon of jealousy"
39. HAGONERL "lord under Grachiel"
40. HAMALIEL "lord of obsessions"
41. HANAEL "the adversarial"
42. HASMODEL & HASMODAI "the twin bulls"
43. HISMAEL "the aquirer"
44. IPOS "knows things to come and past"
45. JOCHMUS "the first saviour of hell"
46. LAHAD "the devil voice"
47. LESIFUGES "brings riches and shortens life"
48. LUCIFER "the mornig star"
49. MALCHIDAEL "demon of impatience"
50. MALPHAS "the tower builder"
51. MARBUEL of hell's electorate: "achitect"
52. MARCHOSIAS "gives and in battle a demon bound"
53. MEEOD "the life restorer"
54. MEPHISTOPH "lord of the host"
55. MICZARIEL "the warrioress"
56. MURIEL. "great demon of lies"
57. NABERIUS "lord of cunning"
58. NESTORATS "the fire master"
59. NYSROG "lord of the house of princes"
60. OCH "the sun speaker"
61. OPHIEL "lord messenger and god teacher"
62. ORIAS of hell's electorate: "astronomer"
63. OZGIN "demon of madness"
64. PAIMON "master of infernal ceremonies"
65. PARNIEL "first lord under Veguaniel"
66. PHALEG "demon of discontent"
67. PSOHDON "the inconstant"
68. RONOVE "the knowledge staff"
69. RAUYIM "demon of filth"
70. SABNAC "demon of poisons"
71. SAKATH "second under Veguaniel"
72. SALEOS of hell's electorate: "panderer"
73. SCHETALIM "the polygod"
74. STYGAL "brings death"
75. SULUTH "the great robber"
76. SURGAT "who opens all locks"
77. SYTRI "lord of luxury"
78. TARTHANAC "lord of goldiron"
79. TEPHROS "the ashmaker and fever curer"
80. UPHIR of hell's electorate: "phisician"
81. VABAM "who tells truth of hidden treasures"
82. VALAC "lord of snakes"
83. VEGUANIEL "archdemon of fortune"
84. VEPAR "the water master"
85. VETIS "the life Promiser"
86. ZABLAH "of hell's electorate: "lawyer"
89. ZAGAM "lord of forgery"
90. ZURIEL "the stone master"
91. ZEPAR "deforms the unborn"
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alotofturtles Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
this is ridiculous
Umbreiia-Eryaa Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There is 90 of them and you forgot Ambriel D:
darnocjosh Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Did you ever do this? I cant seem to find any in your gallery.
Chaoskampf Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
is this Goetic?
Jared-hai Featured By Owner May 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I totally have the picture of this, with all the symbols and names. It's cool. Good luck!
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